Mission Statement

The Caring for Caroline Medical Trust is a registered medical trust which was originally set up to support medical treatment for Caroline Fagan Heyenga, and enable her to continue the programme of medical care that she was receiving from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, and Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.
Funds donated were used directly to support Caroline’s medical and travel costs. No money donated to the Foundation was used to supplement any personal expenses.

Remaining funds are now being redistributed to other worthy causes. You can read more about this on our Acknowledgements page.

Statement of Guiding Principles

The Caring for Caroline Foundation has adopted the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising, as outlined by the Charities Institute Ireland (following the merger of ICTR and Fundraising Ireland).
You can read more about the The Charities Institute Ireland Fundraising Codes of Good Practice here. Individual fundraising guidelines may also be downloaded directly from the CII website here.

The Board/Trustees and Management of the charity are accountable for the charity’s fundraising activities as follows:

1. By promoting the existence of the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising and other relevant Codes to the public, donors and supporters;

2. By ensuring a feedback mechanism is in place whereby anyone can comment to the fulfillment of the standards outlined in the Statement;

3. By ensuring that the charity’s commitment to best practice in fundraising is communicated in all public policy statements by stating same in relevant public communications (annual reports, website, policy statements, governance documents, leaflets and communication materials etc);

4. By, where relevant, putting in place training and development opportunities for relevant staff and volunteers;

5. By ensuring that all relevant suppliers and contractors are informed about and contracted to adhere to the standards in the Statement in their fundraising work for the charity;

6. By assessing the charity’s fundraising strategy on a regular basis according to the guiding principles of this Statement;

7. By including reference to adherence to the Statement in the guiding principles of the charity;

8. By ensuring that senior management take responsibility for implementing and adhering to the Statement;

9. By being open to the charity engaging in setting sector standards, including feeding back on their experience on these standards and participating in the development of future standards.

Fundraising exists only to support the overall mission of the charity in question. Therefore the Board/Trustees and Management of the charity are accountable to the organisation’s beneficiaries, service users, clients, donors, funders and volunteers for the charity’s overall performance. The Board/Trustees and Management shall therefore ensure:

1. That the activities of the organisation are focused on achieving the objectives set out in the organisation’s charter, and that these are translated into a vision, policy, strategies and budget;

2. The organisation’s expenditure is handled in a transparent, effective and efficient manner, in line with an agreed annual plan and budget, and according to a predetermined process for evaluating and taking decisions on the allocation of funds;

3. Fundraising is handled in a transparent, effective and efficient manner, in line with an agreed plan and according to methods that are deemed socially acceptable;

4. The organisation has adopted a policy for activities involving volunteers, including their relationship and communications with volunteers and the method of managing volunteers;

5. The organisation has the means to adequately control the way it functions and to alert it to, and to cope with, any risks in good time.